“2019 SS Collection” held under the theme of rewinding, with a wish of restarting after the 10th anniversary of the brand establishment. REWIND motif icon is used as a main graphic on a speedily design. A collection incorporating new ways of using colors as represented by backward, inverted graphics, VHS art and RGB colors.

Outer (MLW-9A-AD06) Pink ¥34,560 Polo (MLW-9A-AP09) White ¥20,520
Shorts (MLW-9B-AT20) White ¥30,240 Visor (MLF-9A-FC10) Pink ¥10,800
Belt (MLF-9A-FB06) White ¥10,800 Grip (ML-ZP04) White ¥4,104

Outer (MLW-9A-AC03) Mint ¥41,040 One Piece (MLW-9A-AP27) White ¥30,240
Sox (MLF-9A-FS42) Green ¥3,780 Shoes (ML-ZK26) White ¥48,600
Pouch (MLS-9A-SB62) White ¥10,260