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『Efficient』をコンセプトにミニマムでモードなデザインとPLAY ON / OFFを問わない汎用性を持ち合わせた””CODE /コード””コレクション。ミニマムとハイパフォーマンスをベースに実験的でチャンレンジャブル(challenge+able)なデザインを追求。複雑でありながらシンプルな絶妙なバランスで表現されるコレクション。
The CODE, synonymous for presenting minimalistic and mode design, has themed its latest collection around the concept of “efficient” that you’ll want to sport on and off the green.
Based on the CODE concept of minimalism and high performance, this collection purses experimntal and challengeable “challenge+able” design that delivers complex yet simple and developed exquisitely balanced.