The luxury golf-oriented brand made its first appearance, under the name of “T-line”, in the US in 2007.

Thanks to its fresh and innovative design, it was soon introduced to high-end boutiques such as Fred Segal, and brought to the fore by specialized golf magazines and the media.  Later in 2008, having expanded its collection, the brand changed its name to MARK & LONA.

“Luxuary Golf”をコンセプトに、”T-LINE”として2007年にアメリカでデビュー。
その斬新なデザインから、フレッドシーガル等の著名ブティックで展開されるとともに、ファッション誌並びに多くのゴルフ媒体に取り上げられました。そして、2008年、コレクションの拡大に伴い “MARK&LONA/マーク&ロナ” として生まれ変わりました。


Although inspired by such a traditional sport as golf, the brand brings together several trends ranging from preppy to punk and marine style, and introduces an original concept into the sportswear scene. Every detail, from fabrics to prints and accessories, is designed and planned in Tokyo, and provides the brand with a made in Japan identity. The celeb and vaguely kitsch style, actually, is combined with the use of highly functional materials, produced by the company itself through a three-dimensional draping.

生地やプリント、ボタン等の付属はもちろん、アイデア自体を”MADE IN JAPAN”とし、世界に類のないゴルフコンセプトのアパレルを展開する。そのセレブでキッチュなデザインは、ゴルフウェアとは思えないほどの斬新なデザインでありながら、自社開発した機能素材や、立体裁断を使用し高い機能性も持ち合わせています。


After its success in 2008, the brand was admitted into the CELUX SALON, an elite fashion club located within the Louis Vuitton store in the shopping district of Aoyama.

In a twinkling, the brand found itself among the most talked-about golf wear collection, and the buyers of many popular Japanese stores such as UNITED ARROWS, BEAMS INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, EDIFICE, ESTNATION and Isetan Department Store as well, started to show a great interest in the brand that, after 6 years, was still in the spotlight.

Nowadays its products are being sold also in the best Korean stores.

Known throughout Japan as the only and original brand for golf wear, it collaborated for a fashion show with HUBLOT, the famous Swiss luxury watch brand, and with the bio-cosmetics brand John Masters Organics. And it still draws people’s attention.

2008年に展開するとともに、CELUX (LOUIS VUITTON 青山店に存在した会員制サロン)が展開。”Luxuary Golf”の到来として一躍話題となりました。その後、UNITED ARROWS、 International Gallery BEAMS、EDIFICE、ESTNATION、伊勢丹といった世界に知られるセレクトショップがこぞって買い付けるとともに、ブランドスタートから6年を経過した今も幅広く展開されています。今日ではファッションゴルフの代名詞として、唯一無二の存在として日本全国で知られています。



The brand is named after a well-known Hollywood couple: MARK, a rich and famous entrepreneur travelling around the world, and LONA, one of the most sought after make-up artist, highly popular among Hollywood actresses.

The brand MARK & LONA aims then to recall the elegant and refined life of these two celebrities who enjoy playing golf on the hills of Chateau Marmont.